Do yo want to know how Mitu’s career has started?

The web serie “Mitu Monteiro – The man behind the Legend” has just been released and for the first time we had the chance to know the human side of Mitu, the man that unconsciously changed the world of kitesurfing.

We had a chat with him to know more about his career.
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Mitu Monteiro web serie

E: Hi Mitu, in the first episode of the web serie you say “That day my life has changed”
How did you realized it?

M: I had just been proclaimed Kitesurf World Champion 2008 in Morocco and had no idea what was going to happen next. I took a plane back to Sal Island, my homeland.
And when I arrived, the local journalists were waiting for me at the airport.

Then I heard “Mitu Mitu Mitu” as I got closer to the exit. The arrival room was full of friends, families, and strangers who had come to support me.

I can still feel the emotion if I close my eyes.

E: A wonderful career that has just been cap off with a very important prize. On the last 3rd of June you received the “Lifetime Achievement Award” 

M: Yes, I couldn’t imagine that my career would have been full of successes and I couldn’t be happier with what I’ve achieved.
I went to Tarifa with my wife Nicole to attend the Qatar Airways GKA Awards ceremony and it was simply amazing. This prize is super important to me.

E: It looks like it was a very emotional moment, does it?

M: Absolutely. When Jorgen (GKA CEO, ndr.) called my name and I walked up to the stage I couldn’t say anything other than “THANK YOU”. I burst into tears. The 300+ persons present then rose to their feet into a standing ovation screaming “Mitu Mitu Mitu” 

This sent me back 15 years to that small airport where everyone yelled my name. Believe me when I tell that at least half of the public broke down crying as me.

E: Mitu, you inspired a generation of kiters. How do you feel?

M: I feel grateful. What truly makes me happy is knowing that my life, my work, and my greatest passion have all contributed to doing good in the kitesurfing world. I would like to use this moment to thank each and every person that supported for me, as well as every person that helped me along my career.

E: Let’s switch to the second episode of the web serie. It tells a true friendship story with one of your main rival: Matchu Lopes.


M: I know Matchu since he was a kid. For me he’s like a little brother and during the competition in Ponta Preta we had a final together. It was the first time for us and I can’t describe the feeling.
You know..when I decided to compete I didn’t expect to get into the final. And trust me if I say that it was full of very good and young riders.

The interview continues in the next blog post:
Elena Buetto – Copywriter & Kitesurf Instructor


Qatar Airways GKA Awards

On June the 3rd, the Theatre of Tarifa hosted the 2nd edition of the Qatar Airways GKA Awards Ceremony.

This is the kiteboarding’s biggest and most prestigious event to honour achievements to the best athletes.

Mitu Monteiro was nominated for the Lifetime Achievement Award alongside Robby Naish, Aaron Hadlow, and Ruben Lenten.

The Award

This significant award was introduced this year, exceptionally, not only to recognize the individual’s accomplishments, but also to celebrate the enduring legacy.

The Global Kitesurfing Association created it with the specific goal of reminding future generations of the remarkable contribution that the Legend of Kitesurfing made to the field and inspiring them to strive for excellence and innovation.

The Lifetime Achievement award symbolises the highest level of achievement in kiteboarding and is a testament to the recipient’s lifelong commitment to the sport.
Overall, the Legends award is a way to honour and pay tribute to the pioneering individuals who have achieved greatness and left a lasting impact on the kiteboarding world, setting a standard for others to aspire to for years to come.

Mitu and Nicole Monteiro

The most prestigious award

Could you imagine the meaning of being nominated for such a prestigious award?
Who had the chance to meet Mitu, know that he is an extremely humble individual who always recognises the worth of others around him.

This time, he was up against famous riders who had achieved incredible feats.

During this magnificent night many riders were crowned :

Then, totally unexpectedly, the most emotional chapter of the ceremony arrived.

The Legend

Dr. Jörgen Vogt, CEO of GKA, walks to the stage with the long-awaited white envelope containing the name of the Lifetime Achievement Award winner.
And as he opened it and said “MITU MONTEIRO” the crowd applauded and rose to their feed into a standing ovation.

Mitu was taken aback. He undoubtedly prepared a speech in case he won, but after the first lines, he burst into tears and could only utter and repeat “Thank you.”

It was quite moving.

The touching moment moved all of the participants. And in a couple of minutes everybody was crying.
This man is used to surfing the greatest waves and making us dreaming, but this time was different.
This time, the world champion and pioneer of strapless kitesurfing demonstrated his human side.

Mitu could only say through sobs, “I spent more time in the ocean than on land. And I hope to see all of you on the water somewhere around the world.”

When? Pheraps when you least expect it.
As it happens last march during the GKA Kite-surf World Cup in Cabo Verde when Mitu returned to competition at his native Ponta Preta break after his retirement in 2019.

Mitu’s wife 

Mitu’s wife is his first and biggest supporter, and she has always been by his side during all of his career’s crucial times.

Nicole stated that she couldn’t be more proud of her husband and was overjoyed that he had been named a kitesurfing legend. She admits that her opinion is biassed, but she believes Mitu deserves it because he has committed his entire life to this sport.

About his nomination, Mitu said:

“I returned to competition after a four-year absence this year to commemorate the 15th anniversary of my return to Cape Verde as a kitesurf world champion in 2008,” says Monteiro. “It’s impossible to put into words what this meant to my people, but I still remember the image of people waiting for me at the airport. Is it true that I’m a legend? I’m not sure. But if my success helped others, I consider myself to have won.”

The new serie

The return of Mitu to Sal airport is the opening scene of the new web series that shows the behind-the-scenes of a successful life that looks perfect and effortless. 

Mitu Monteiro – The man behind the legend 

Don’t miss the 3-episodes web serie that has just been released.

Mitu Monteiro web serie

Elena Buetto – Copywriter & Kitesurfing Instructor