Christmas Wishlist: Sustainable Gifts

Who doesn’t love the Christmas Season

The exception is for the Grinch


This is the time to spend with our loved ones and show them how much we care. 

We are so grateful for their presence in our lives that we want to thank them with a present.

Today, nearly 8 billion people worldwide express their love and exchange gifts.

Everything appears to be magical and amazing but let’s pause and consider the massive waste the holiday days generate.

What can we do to help prevent this from happening?

Instead of giving something that will inevitably end up in the trash after a few months, opt for sustainable goodies

There are plenty of ways to go greener when choosing gifts:

Sustainably-sourced materials, plastic-free goodies, recyclable packaging, eco-conscious brands that give back and much more.

To help you out, here you can find a list of eco-friendly Christmas ideas for kiters (and not).


Is it unusual to start with the last step?

The majority of wrapping paper is lined with plastic, which makes recycling extremely difficult.

Be inventive in finding eco-friendly ways to wrap your gifts.

To begin, look around your house for any reusable materials: Look through your closet for pillowcases, scarves and bolts of fabrics.

Make your own eco-friendly fabric gift bags to showcase your creativity.

You could also paint old newspapers and use  the inside of a toilet paper roll to make a small box.

Instead of using plastic tape and bows, try paper tape, twine and dried flowers.


Is there anything better than having a unique experience? 

Something that leaves you with unforgettable memories, introduces you to new people who share your interests, and takes you to amazing places? 

Something that allows you to spend time with your friends and family. 

If you’re going to Sal Island, make sure to look over the list of eco-friendly activities. 

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Kitesurfing and other water sports do not pollute the environment when practiced, but the equipment used does. 

It is undeniably bad for the environment. 

Manera, through its “stay green” project, is making every effort to reduce its carbon footprint.

In fulfillment of their commitment, Manera has signed a new innovative harness called HALO. 

Part of an ever-expanding sustainable product collection of long-lasting, high-performance, and timeless items. 

The various components of a harness are typically sewn and glued together. 

When a part becomes worn or damaged, you must discard the entire product, which is neither replaceable nor recyclable. 

Halo’s modular design allows you to replace all of its parts in the event of wear or damage. 

It is made up of two major parts: the Adaptive skin and the Hardshell. 

The interior backplate provides extremely comfortable back support by flexing and molding to your contours, while the rigid chassis prevents pinching or compression points at your sides and hips. 

➡️➡️➡️ More info can be found clicking HERE


Raw Elements is an industry pioneer of sustainable sunscreen, founded by Brian, an American lifeguard with a deep love for the ocean and the environment. 

Tired of seeing corals destroyed by noxious solar products washed off our bodies, he developed “reef safe” products made entirely of certified natural and organic ingredients that do not harm marine life. 

Only environmentally friendly PCR resins, recyclable materials, compostable paperboard, bio-based materials, and infinitely recyclable aluminium are used in their packaging.

It is ideal for swimmers, surfers, skiers, mothers, fathers, and anyone who enjoys the Nature. 

A collection for children is available.

➡️➡️➡️ To learn more click HERE and go to the website


Wat If is the brainchild of two Italian sisters, Federica and Michela, who combined their love of the sea with their commitment to environmental sustainability. 

A trip to Mauritius, where they saw the coral reef completely destroyed and mountains of waste left in such previously unspoiled places, inspired them to take an active role in environmental protection. 

As a result, they created an ethical surf and swimwear collection that repurposes plastic, fishing nets, and garbage found in the sea. 

Isn’t it amazing how something picked up from the sea can find its way back? 

Every Wat If item is handcrafted in Italy to ensure authentic Italian artisan quality.

Furthermore, this allows for significant reductions in CO2 emissions caused by shifting the production system to other countries.

➡️➡️➡️ Check the website to know more


Mitu Monteiro, the kitesurfing wave world champion and strapless pioneer, founded the Cape Verde-inspired brand in 2019. 

 “From the ocean to your world” is a collection designed for women, men and children, all made in Italy from organic cotton.

In addition to having cool clothes and accessories, they are an ethical brand that donates to worthy causes. 

A portion of each purpose goes to a cause close to their hearts: assisting children and impoverished African communities. 

If you visit Sal Island, make sure to stop by the Mitu Monteiro Shop, which is located on the pedestrian street in front of the main square.



Choosing eco-friendly gifts is not only a great way to get something unique for that person in your life who has everything, but it is also an option that will have you being more environmentally conscious. 

Make a gift to Mother Nature as well.  It will be appreciated by the Planet.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !!!

Elena Buetto – Copywriter & Kitesurf Instructor

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