How much does it cost to start kitesurfing?

Before anyone thinks about kitesurfing, the first question they have is about the kitesurfing gear prices, and the next they want to know is ‘how much does it cost to start a school’. The fact is that the cost of kiteboarding equipment can differ considerably between items, particularly when you compare the latest, branded kitesurfing equipment, with the one that was released several years ago by some local company. The same holds when it comes to taking training from the instructors, as different instructors take different fees.


How much does it cost to start a school?

On average, the training lessons for kitesurfing take anywhere between 6 – 12 hours, and the cost of these lessons can be between $400 -$00 which will additionally depend on the number of hours required.

Although, there are schools, which have a fixed price system, where you can take unlimited lessons at the fixed price.

Moreover, you can try to negotiate and there are chances that you would be able to get discount kitesurfing lessons. It is advised that you do not go for cheap kitesurfing packages, as it is not worth compromising your safety.


Kitesurfing equipment prices

When it comes to kitesurfing equipment, the prices can be anywhere from $1,000 – $3,000. As mentioned earlier, the prices would depend on a variety of factors. However, if you do not want to spend a lot on the kitesurfing equipment, then it is best to buy used kitesurfing equipment.

Below is the list of kitesurfing equipment prices, which will help you get an idea about kitesurfing equipment price.


Kitesurfing kite price

There are many expensive kites of top brands available for kitesurfing, the kitesurfing kite price ranges from $1500 – $2000. The prices would further depend on the brand, size, and control bar. However, if you are not that keen on spending this huge amount, you can buy a used kite, which is anywhere between the range of $600-$1000.

The thing here is that there are chances that you might need two expensive kites of different sizes, so they can be used according to the requirements.

It is suggested to avoid buying expensive kites, at least in the beginning, when you are learning because there are huge chances that you will crash your kite, which will just abuse your expensive kites.

You can also buy a trainer kite, which can help you to learn to control a kiteboarding kite. These costs from $250 – $300, however, you can save some money by buying a training kite for sale.


How much does an average surfboard cost?

Just like kites, the price of the kitesurf board also depends on a variety of factors, like, shape, size, and needs. The size of the board that you must opt for would depend on your height, weight, etc. A new, branded surfboard can cost anywhere from  $500 – $700. However, if you are looking to buy a kite surfboard that has been used earlier by someone then you can get them in about $300. There is no issue in buying a used kitesurf board, if it of a good brand and in a good condition. However, you must try to negotiate the price according to their condition.


Prices of other kitesurfing equipment

Here the prices for the other kitsurfing equipments.



Harness is important in providing support to your body at the time of kite surfing.

There are two types of harness, seat harness and belt harness. The former is a good option for beginners as it provides comfort and stability. On the other hand, belt harness is a better choice for freestyle riders as it gives more freedom while performing tricks.

The kitesurfing equipment price for both of these harnesses is around $100- $300, however, you can also get used harness for about $100 or less.



Wetsuit is kitesurfing equipment, which many riders use to protect themselves from harsh cold winds. These suits come in different ranges of price depending on their quality, brand, thickness, etc.

However, usually, you get these within the range of $100-$400. Just as you can buy used kitesurfing equipment, you can buy used wetsuit as well, for as low as $100.

You can also check out cheap kitesurfing packages, where you can buy kitesurfing equipment in a package, which can be cheaper than paying for each kitesurfing equipment individually.

Moreover, there is nothing wrong if you opt to buy used kitesurfing equipment, provided they are in good condition.

Overall, although the kitesurf equipment package cost is a little more than some of the sports, you can bring it down considerably by buying cheap kitesurfing packages, which mostly include used kitesurfing equipment.

Also, once you buy some expensive kites, you don’t have to change them regularly. Thus, the long-term cost of kitesurfing is not that high, and the adrenaline rush and fun that you get while kitesurfing is worth all the money.

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