How much does it cost to start kitesurfing? [April 2023]

Kitesurfing looks interesting and funny, and you can’t wait to get started.


But, how much does it cost? 


The first question that people who want to try kitesurfing have is “how much money will I need to invest in both the course and the equipment?”

The truth is that kitesurf schools charge varied costs depending on their location, the gear and brand they use, and many other factors. 

The same is true for the cost of kiteboarding equipment, which can vary significantly between newly released products and second hand used gear.

How much does it cost to take lessons?

Firstly, I want to focus on the fact that you will surely find some “pirates” kitesurf instructors that will offer you lessons for a cheap price.

Pay close attention and keep in mind that your safety is always the most crucial consideration. 

So, click here and check on the IKO – International Kitesurfing Organization website and look for a certified kite center or, at least, for a certified kite instructor.

Of course, the total price depends on how many hours of lessons you will take. I’ve already written an essay about how long it takes to learn kitesurfing, which you can find here. 

Click here to read the article

Usually, kite schools offer beginner courses from 6 to 12 hours.

The more hours you take, the less expensive the course. 

Also, group lessons will undoubtedly be less expensive than private ones but, in this case, you will have to share the instructor and the gear with another student.

Kitesurfing equipment prices

What do you need to kitesurf?

Wetsuit, harness, bar, kite and board is the minimum gear you need to jump in the water.

But, how much does the equipment cost?
Firstly, all the kite centers put at your disposal the gear for rent.
In this way you have a chance to kite without investing a huge amount.

However, someone prefers to buy his own gear, so let’s see how much it would cost.
The price for a complete package can start from 1.000 euros in case of second hand material.

As previously said, the rates would be determined by a range of factors such as the condition and the oldness of the equipment, the brand, any damages, and so on. 

The list below will give you an idea of how much kitesurfing equipment costs.


The wetsuit will protect you not only from harsh cold winds, but also from UVA.
Long or short, thick or thin, the wetsuits come in different ranges of price depending on their quality, brand and sizes.

However, usually, the price goes from 100 € to 400 €.
In the case of a used wetsuit, you can get it for less than 100 €


The harness is the element that connects your body to the kite allowing you to get drafted by the wind power.

It is very important in providing support to your body at the time of kite surfing.

There are two types of harness, seat harness and belt harness. The first one is a good option for beginners as it provides comfort and stability and helps the kiter to keep the right position. On the other hand, a belt harness is a better choice for freestyle and wave riders as it gives more freedom while performing tricks.

The price for both of these harnesses is around 100 to 400€. 


As you can kite in a wind range that goes from 12 to 35 knots, each kiter usually has at least two sizes of kites in order to be ready for every wind condition.

At this point you might know that kite sizes correspond to the squared meters so it is obvious that smaller kites are cheaper than bigger kites, as the fabric used to build them is less.

A new kite of 7-meters costs around 1200-1500 €, a 10-meters is around 1700-1800 € and a 12-meters is around 1800- 2000 €.



Twin tip or surf board?
The first one is ideal for beginner and freestyle lover, while the second one is perfect for riding the waves.

A new board is more than 1000 € but you can be found a used one for a cheaper price. 


So..Used or New?

At this stage, you should have a clearer notion of how much money you’ll need to start kitesurfing.
It is obvious that new equipment is far more expensive than old equipment. So, what should you do?
It all relies on your financial circumstances and, most likely, your level. Would you buy a Ferrari the moment you got your driver’s licence?

If you choose second-hand equipment, remember to carefully examine the conditions and, if you are not an expert, seek the advice of a more knowledgeable buddy.




Elena Buetto – Copywriter & Kitesurf Instructor

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