Pacasmayo: The Longest Wave of the World

Are you looking for the longest kiteble wave in the world?

Your dream has come true: a perfect swell set one kilometre long is waiting for you in the north of Peru.

Pacasmayo is the home of the best and exclusive new kitesurf wave spot on the planet.

More and more frequently is hosting one of the best strapless riders worldwide: we met Mitu Monteiro, a pioneer of the discipline, who told us about his experience.


Mitu Monteiro, former wave-riding world champion, was in Peru for the first time in 2011. 

At that time the small town of Pacasmayo was still completely unknown.

11 years later, in 2022, Mitu returned to Peru supported by his main sponsor F-one that didn’t lose the chance to record his adventurous trip.

And so it was that the idea was born of creating a dedicated Mitu video series, available on YouTube, whose first episode focuses on the ancient land of Maya and Inca. 



The planet’s longest wave


As Mitu, everybody surfing in Pacasmayo, can’t do anything but feel the freedom on the water.

The 1-kilometre left wave looks endless: ” You start surfing it and after some minutes you need to stop because the legs are tired and hurting.”

It’s a one-lifetime experience that makes you feel the power of Nature and makes you deeply connect with the Ocean.

As soon as surfers, windsurfers and kiters became aware of its perfect swell condition, Pacasmayo got more and more famous.

It’s now considered one of the new best kitesurfing spots.

Best Coaching Spot



The conditions in this part of Peru are good all year long but the winds are stronger from March to DecemberThe wind has an off-shore direction. 

The Peruvian coastline is the perfect set-up for thermic winds to work out. It is very light in the morning and it kicks in around midday blowing within an average of 20 knots. 

This makes Pacasmayo the perfect place to enjoy the sea all day long: you can go surfing in the morning and kiting in the afternoon


Set after set, the waves here are very long and perfectly formed. 

They are not scary and strong and do not carry much power so it is straightforward to sharpen your wave riding skills.

This is a great location for coaching and clinics as, thanks to the length of the waves, every rider has a higher chance to keep trying and improving.

Bottom turn and Top turn will no longer have secrets for you.

Don’t let escape the chance to join the next dream trip to Peru coached by Mitu Monteiro.

Jump on board


The Mitu’s Experience

Since he stopped competing, Mitu dedicated his time to sharing his passion. 

Seeing how the students can fastly progress has no price for him. 

“People come back with big smiles on their faces, happy and proud of themselves.” 

Coaching gives him great satisfaction, so he decided to focus on it. 

Mitu studied and designed an infallible method to bring out the best in any passionate rider.

What’s better than having the best wave riding expert in Pacasmayo, home of the longest kiteble left wave?


The Mitu’s experience is a 360° adventure trip in Peru designed in the name of wild nature, wind and a dreamable set of waves.

It’s not a clinic, a training or an advanced kite lesson. It is a journey perfectly organized and headed by Mitu in person that will make you live the experience together with him. 

In the last few years, coaching after coaching, Mitu invested a lot in the last generation of tools and equipment to record the student both in and out of the water. This allows him to analyze and show each frame of any manoeuvre to his students.

Pacasmayo is a place where each rider can keep trying infinite times.

Progress is guaranteed

The combination of the longest wave and the best coach make the Mitu experience a one-lifetime adventure not to be missed.

The Peruvian kitesurfing adventure in the world’s best new kite spot will make you improve.

The ride of your life is waiting for you.

Join the Mitu’s Experience 





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