Rivals or friends?

Is it possible to be friends with your rival?

The web serie “Mitu Monteiro – The man behind the Legend” has just been released and gave us the chance to discover, the human side of Mitu, the man that unconsciously changed the world of kitesurfing.

The second episode is focused on the true friendship between Mitu and Matchu Lopes, currently placed 1st at the  Kite Surf Ranking.


For the first time this year, Mitu and Matchu competed in the same heat for first place at the competition in Ponta Preta.

It was the 2008 when a little Matchu declared “I would like to substitute Mitu when he will stop competing”

It looks like the dream came true. 

But are we in front of a true friendship? Is it possible to be friends with your rivals?

We interviewed Matchu to know more about the relationship between him and his mentor, the legend of kitesurfing,  Mitu Monteiro.

E: Hi Matchu, thanks for your time. I found an old video of you when you declared that you want to substitute Mitu. The last competition showed that you got it. 

Matchu: Since kid I dreamt to be like him. Mitu is the guy that I looked up, not only as an athlete but as a person. He has the ability to share good energy to everyone is around him.

E: In that old video you said that Mitu opened the doors for the you and all the other riders, do you still think it?

M: Absolutely yes. He did a huge step for us, the ones coming after him. He was always after us, teaching us what he knew: looking at our board, at our lines, he told us what to do and what not to, how to move our hands.

E: It looked that Mitu shared his knowledge with you all..

M: Exactly, he was very gentle to us. And we are so grateful for what he did for us and for the support he gave us. I think that the energy that Mitu shares it’s pretty unique and the image that he transmits to the young new generation is awesome.

E: Matchu, I know that you are very close to Mitu’s family and especially to his mum.

M: Who told you that? Yes, Ana is Mitu’s mum and I am used to call her mum. I grew up in their house.

E: One of Mitu’s goal is to inspire the new generation and he looks that, in your case, he got it.

M: Because of this guy I wouldn’t be who I am today, absolutely not.

E: At the competition in Ponta Preta you made a 100% Cape Verdean podium. Mitu said us that it was wonderful.

M: Absolutely not. It was amazing. On the podium that day there new the three of us: Mitu, Airton and me. And Mitu was accompanied by his three kids. If we look at this I clearly say that his older son Michael is an insane waterman as he’s not only a surfer or a kiter but he’s a great waterman and he is coming after us. I hope to compete soon against Michael and I am sure he will kick our ass.  

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Elena Buetto – Copywriter & Kitesurf Instructor


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