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Mitu Monteiro

A man, an athlete, a synonym of success.

” Be sponsored is crucial when you are a professional athlete . But I do firmly believe that you don’t have to sell yourself to the higher bidder . Both in life and work I’ve always put personal relationship first . It is fundamental for me to represent and to be represented by somebody who is sharing my same values and passion .
F-ONE , Manera and Surfinsemfim are not just brands logos on my equipment . They are not just a name on a contract . They have become part of my life . They are my family . “


When you choose F-ONE you aren’t just choosing a brand or a particular product, you are choosing One History, One Passion, One Adventure, One Team, and One Innovation

These essentials are weapons against the elements. They are designed to make you ride longer & in more comfort whether it’s to fight the cold, the wind or the UV rays.

Surfin Sem Fim is ready to take you on the kitesurfing adventure of a lifetime! Our specialty is long distance travel by kite — downwind along the coasts of Cape Verde

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what They’re Saying

What they’re sAying

“We sponsoring Mitu Monteiro because is one of the best  inspiring example in our difficult XXI century: Mitu’ is a passionate and pure human being, every thing he does is with love, professionalism, trust and excellence. We are very proud and privileged to call him “a friend”. Kitesurf Is not just performance and results, Kitesurf is kids, education, love nature, stay in nature, friendship. Mitu’ teach and witness naturally all of this fundamental and positive values, ciao fratello!”

Marco Dalpozzo


“Mitu is much more than a Manera Ambassaor. He is a family to me and I feel blessed to have such a fantastic human being representing my brand”

Julienne Salles


“Mitu fait partie de la famille F.One depuis 15 ans! C’est une rencontre qui a été de suite une évidence ! Avec Mitu , c’est naturel, simple, authentique entre nous, on a presque pas besoin de se parler .Chaque moment passé ensemble est précieux,intense et bénéfique.

Il fait non seulement partie de l’ histoire de F.One mais est aussi un membre à part entière de notre famille. Mitu c’est notre famille du Cap Vert pour lequel nous avons un attachement si particulier.

Outre l’athlète merveilleux qu’il est, c’est aussi un homme qui force le respect . Humilité, sagesse, bonté, intelligence, clairvoyance, professionnalisme …. il a tellement de qualités !

Le voir évoluer depuis tout ce temps, construire sa vie comme il le fait et de la manière dont il le fait , m’impressionne et me remplit aussi de fierté .

Le chemin parcouru ensemble dure depuis plus de quinze ans et j’ai hâte de vivre avec lui les quinze prochaines années !”

Raphael Salles


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