Are you curious about kitesurfing but unsure of how it actually works? 

It looks funny but very challenging.

You’ve seen people fly kites that make it look simple, but you don’t know if you’re young enough to learn something like this.
You’ve also been told that it takes a lot of strength. 

Let’s clarify. You’ve landed in the right place. 

Keep reading to find out more about kiteboarding.

Is it simple to learn to kitesurf? 

When compared to other water sports, kitesurfing is the easiest to learn. 

In any case, remember that you will not be able to completely improvise and learn on your own. 

So, to ensure the best quality and safety service, find the nearest IKO certified kitesurf school and schedule a lesson with a professional kitesurf instructor.

Always keep in mind that safety comes first. 

Are there any prerequisites?
Only willpower and water confidence are required.

We must dispel the myth that kitesurfing requires strength and power. The kite you probably saw flying is not being held by the kiter with his arms, but is instead attached to the harness. 

Don’t be afraid to go for it, whether you’re a young boy or girl or a skinny person.

Kitesurfing is suitable for people of all ages. 

Best places to kitesurf in the World

How to learn kitesurfing?

When we’re out on the water, we have to control and coordinate three things at once: the kite, the board, and our body position.
The best part about learning to kitesurf is that it is exciting and addictive at every stage of the process.
Trust your instructor and don’t rush. 

Step by step, your instructor will prepare you to be able to do it.

Even if it looks hard at the beginning, believe me if I say that during each lesson it will come automatically to easily do what you learned during the lesson before.

Learning time can range from a few hours to a few weeks, depending on the individual’s skills. 

Spot Evaluation

The location where you go kiting is commonly called “spot”.

The first and most important thing is getting confident with it so you need to do an accurate evaluation of wind direction, entry and exit spaces and surrounding obstacles.
Once done, you will learn the basics of piloting the kite, using the control bar, practicing safety measures, launching/landing the kite and learning the international signals. 

Kite Control

Piloting the kite is a wonderful experience, however, it requires you to push and pull the control bar while directing the kite left and right.
Once you have reliable kite control and good feeling, you are ready to go into the water for the next step.

Body drag

Underrated by many, this is an important step because it allows us to move in the water without the board, both because there are obstacles to overcome and because we lost the board and want to recover it. 

Water start

Let the fun begin. 

You are now ready to stand up on the board and start riding.
Prepare to crash: it’s part of the game.

And then?

If you want to become an independent kiteboarder you must learn to ride upwind.

How long does it take to learn kitesurfing?

Kiteschools used to offer lessons in two or three-hour blocks of 6- to 12-hour.

This is done to ensure that you have enough time to complete all of the steps before reaching the waterstart. 

Keep in mind that everyone learns differently, and it may take more or less time to learn kitesurfing depending on your sport experience, balance as well as spot conditions. 

In any case, practise is the key.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced rider looking to land a new manoeuvre, if you want to improve you need to keep training in order to automatize the movement. 

How to choose the right kitesurf school?

Firstly, consider where you want to begin kitesurfing. 

Have you planned a trip to a kite destination? or do you have a location close to your home? 

In any case, it is critical to approach in a location with favourable wind and sea conditions. 

Bad weather will be an additional challenge, so try to avoid areas where the wind is inconsistent, strongly gusty, and the waves are large.

At the same time, be careful of lagoons that only work with thermal wind as it could be too light. 

However, the difference is made by the school and the importance they place on you. 

Keep in mind that kitesurfing can be extremely dangerous if not done with proper instruction and supervision.

Each student is different, so each course must be tailored to your specific needs.

IKO certified kite schools

IKO is an International Kiteboarding Organisation that has been training instructors and setting teaching standards on a global scale since 2001.

Click here to look for your IKO center

You are ready to become a kitesurfer

Do not wait anymore and look for your kite center.
Kitesurfing is not only a sport but a lifestyle.

Join this amazing worldwide community.

If you are visiting Sal Island, please visit the Mitu and Djo Kiteschool website to book your lesson.

Elena Buetto – Copywriter & Kitesurf Instructor