The feeling of kitesurfing

How does kitesurfing make you feel?

The feeling you get when kitesurfing is hard to put into words.

It feels like a cross between flying, sailing, and surfing, which will provide an adrenaline rush, making the entire experience much more exhilarating. Kitesurfing is the closest thing to flying;

Without a doubt, kitesurfing is full of challenge, fear, doubt, and uncertainty, but the overall experience is full of excitement, fun, and sheer joy.

As you start, with the board on your feet, and the kitesurfing kite control in your hands, you will suddenly feel attentive and present.

If you are new to kitesurfing, you should go with an experienced instructor who will give you confidence and have you feeling calm and in control in no time.

Begin by pulling lightly on the kitesurfing kite control bar, and your kite will stretch for the water. You will soon feel the incredible pull of the kite as you are lifted out.
This movement will astound you, as you will be shocked and delighted to discover that you can control the kite.

Kitesurf flying stunts

As your skills improve, you can take your board slightly towards the wind depending on the direction you want to go. You will feel free and able to connect with the nature all around you.

Even if it “feels like I’m flying” at first, you should remain attentive and relaxed, and you should not lose control of the kitesurfing kite control. You will learn new things as your courses continue, which will boost your confidence and make you happy on the inside.

Your hard work will pay off when you will learn to make a standard jump and get a feel of flying in the air.
With experience, you will start going higher in the air, which will give you a newfound feeling of lightness and flying.

A feeling of power and control

Every time you start kitesurfing, you will think to yourself – it feels like I am flying.

Surfing on the water and moving over it at high speed, without any help, will give you a thrill and a punch.

After you come back for landing, after what it feels like floating in the air, you will feel like a bird with immense power. You can use the kitesurfing kite control to come over water and feel the power of the wave.

Kitesurf flying will empower your whole body, you will be filled with happy thoughts and you will feel the butterflies that you get when you fall in love.
The thrill that you will get by Kitesurfing will be different from all the sports that you have done to date.

Kitesurfing brings together several characteristics that are typically opposing, the action and the reflection, the enthusiasm, and the serenity, and this is what makes the sport so exceptional.
Your session does not always have to be powerful, as it will hugely depend on the weather and the winds.

Sometimes, you can just enjoy a calm kitesurf flying session, where you can enjoy the beauty of the beautiful environment around you.

The advantage of this sport is that as you perform all the stunts on the water, the chances of injury decrease exponentially.
After each of your sessions, you will feel powerful. You will be proud of having survived nature’s most dominant elements.

It never gets boring!

As the way you kitesurf will hugely depend on the winds and the weather conditions, you will find that your technique changes constantly, which ensures that things never get boring.

The sport provides a never-ending learning curve, which gives different mental sensations, all at once, like, fear, nervousness, excitement, adrenaline rush, etc.

You will learn various techniques and skills while kite surfing.

Wave riding is one such skill, which will bring you closer to nature, but in reality, it is something that is extremely challenging and takes a lot of time to practice.

With time, you will also learn to not be afraid when the speed of your kite increases. Within several days, you will learn to manage kitesurfing kite control and you will get the confidence to take the kite wherever you want.

Describing how it feels to kitesurf is something that cannot be done in words. It is something that you need to do yourself to experience. However, when asked to share the experience, almost all the riders share that, ‘it feels like I am flying’. This is something that almost all of us wanted to do since we were children.

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