the monteiro’s

How is Mitu’s life behind the lens?

Mitu is, with no doubt, a family man.

Home is everything to Mitu, and together we are a team,


Over a decade ago, there was a tall blonde girl enjoying a peaceful stroll on a beach in Cape Verde, when all of the sudden, she sees a wild-salty-hair handsome man landing from the sky just in front of her…

Believe it or not, this is just how their love story begun..

On February 2010, Nicole boarded a flight from Milan to the Island of Sal in Cape Verde; she was only 22 years old, she loved her freedom and had no idea that that trip would change her life forever.

Mitu, 27 at the time, was in the peak of his professional career, always traveling to some exotic paradise to compete and train with his kite until he fell in love at first sight for Nicole.

Ironically, although their first encounter happened on the beach, it was not as idyllic as one would imagine, but could it have been otherwise?

Mitu dropped from the sky when Nicole was walking alone and that man falling from nowhere got her so frightened that her first reaction was to telling him off for his lack of manners …

However despite such an unusual start, their relationship rapidly blossomed and just a year and an half later they found each other bare feet sharing vows and getting married in Ponta Preta beach with Nicole carrying their first child, Michael.

A story made of dreams and sacrifices, victories and defeats, ups and downs as in all true stories. But above all, a story made of love, respect and humility.

Starting from nothing, with a moped and a studio flat, Nicole and Mitu are now two capable and successful entrepreneurs and both very dedicated parents. 

MICHAEL was born in 2012,

MATTHEW in 2017

MALAKAI, unexpectadtly  in 2020,

The complete Monteiro family household is made by 4 males vs. 1 female.

And if you are wondering if any of their children will follow in their father’s footsteps …well, it is undeniable that Mitu’s dedication and the indisputable talent of Michael have meant that at the young age of 8 his firstborn was selected by the Italian National Surf Team and thus begin his career as a professional surfer with a full schedule of competitions and trips, impeccably organised around school commitments by Nicole.

An immense joy for Mitu who – since Michael was 1 year old –  has spent every free moment in the water with him, teaching him everything he knew and that no father had ever taught him.

Mitu’s family

What Matthew and Malakai will do only time will tell us …

For now they enjoy the water imitating their older brother, so every day after school the Monteiro meet at the sea to have fun, connecting with the ocean and training together!

A life and a family indissolubly linked and connected to the ocean.

That same Ocean that made them find each other over 10 years ago, and that is a constant presence in their life.

Travels, projects, adventures and much more to live and tell …

This is just the first chapter of the Monteiro’s family..


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Rua Amilcar Cabral
4111 – Santa Maria – Sal Island

Cabo Verde