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How is Mitu’s life behind the lens?

It looks like this.
Mitu is, without doubt, a family man!
Home is everything to Mitu, and together we are a team, The Monteiro’s!

I first met Mitu in 2010. And our first meeting was not exactly a romantic one. While I was walking on the beach, he literally jumped in front of me, still holding his kite, and asked my name. It actually kind of annoyed me at the time, and gave me the impression – just a little bit – that he might be a big headed kind of guy. So I made him wait for a while before giving him a second chance to convince me that he wasn’t.

Our first date was on March 9th, 2010 (girls and their obsession for dates). And on that first date I knew. I’d heard people say it so many times before; that they knew, at first sight, that the person in front of them would be their other half for life, but I never believed it could be true until I met Mitu. Just over a year later we got married in Ponta Preta … and I was carrying Michael, our first born.

I was only 23 at the time, and a little scared about the gift life had given us while we were still so young, but Mitu was my safe harbour, always positive and calm, and reassuring me that everything would be okay. And so, I decided to move to Cape Verde, alone, with no family, no friends, and pregnant. Because all I really wanted was to start building my life with Mitu.

When we first moved in together, Mitu and I were living in a tiny room, with an even tinier bathroom in Santa Maria. (And when a girl moves from a penthouse in Milan to a room in Cape Verde, it can only be real love, right!). Eventually we moved into our new apartment, but without a kitchen for the first few months, and had to rely on using Mitu’s mother’s kitchen for a while. But little by little we grew up, and in 2012 we decided to invest everything we had in launching the Mitu Monteiro Brand. We opened a small shop in the same room where Mitu was born 28 years before, bought our first car (obviously a second hand one) and sold our reliable little scooter. We held the first wave camp that year, and step by step, our life was shaping into what it was meant to be. Then, in early 2013, Mitu & and his friend Djo’s dream of opening Kite Beach Club finally came true, and stuff got more serious. But with a solid team (Mitu, Djo, Giada and I) driven by passion and love, the business grew from strength to strength.

When there is love, there is happiness.
And were all lucky enough to have both in our lives.

By now, our son Michael was growing up strong and falling completely in love with surfing!! We gave him his first baptism in the water when he was two months old, and he has rarely been out of the ocean since. At the age of one, Michael was already floating in the ocean. At age two, I literally cried watching him surf his first wave alone.

It was so important for Mitu that Michael learned to swim as soon possible to avoid what he himself had risked as a child, and Mitu always did his best to pass on his passion for the ocean to Michael. It was so touching to see father and son sharing time together in the ocean, and watching Mitu teach Michael everything from kitesurfing to windsurfing to snorkelling to fishing & SUP. Michael was learning fast and clearly showing that he had his own talents. And Mitu was so full of joy and pride to see him progressing.

At a very early age, it was already evident that Michael would follow in his father’s footsteps. And then, came the day they had both been waiting for … surfing Ponta Preta together!

Mitu’s family

Michael gave us our first experience as parents, and made us a family. And together, the three of us have experienced some of the most incredible adventures. But it was time to grow as a family. And on the September 6th, 2017, Matthew Oteniel Monteiro came into the world

Pure joy has arrived

My name is matthew

We loved Matthew at first sight. He is pure joy. Pure love. And pure strength. In fact, when Matthew was still a very small baby he showed us all exactly how strong he is, when we faced news that would be any parent’s nightmare. News that no parent ever wants to imagine. News that you don’t think you’ll have the strength to deal with. But incredibly, we all have the strength when we need it. At six months old, Matthew was diagnosed with a large mass on his left eye. We were sent to one of the best medical centres in Europe, and spent 4 days going through tests, fasting’s, analysis, scans, anaesthetics. Throughout it all, Matthew was smiling and giving us the strength we needed to stay positive. During those days we were faced with the fear of going through chemotherapy with our little baby, or maybe even losing Matthew so early in his life. But what really happened during those four days was that we all became stronger as human beings, and together we became stronger as a family.

March 19th 2018 will be forever imprinted in our minds as the day that Matthew was born for a second time. After the most distressing days of our lives, we were so grateful to hear that the tumour on Matthew’s eye was benign. And believe me, the diagnosis that your son will be mostly blind in one eye becomes an incredible blessing when the alternative had been so much worse!

Once again we were back at home in Sal, but life was a little different. Matthew had follow up’s in Europe every three months to ensure his good eye was functioning properly, and we were getting used to the news that he would be partially blind in one eye … but we were happy like never before. We were together, healthy and back to our simple and beloved routine!

When I first got pregnant, I remember asking Mitu if he was nervous about becoming a father, when he had never had his own father in his life. He said yes. And I could understand why he did, but I knew Mitu would be an amazing father. Although Mitu lived a very simple and humble childhood, his amazing mother raised him to live with virtue and strong principles, calmness and honesty. And I couldn’t have dreamed of a better father for our children.

And what is Mitu like as a husband, you might be wondering?
Well, forget about romanticism, anniversary surprises, Christmas gifts or compliments. Those things don’t hold any value for Mitu. But he is all about respect, loyalty; and pure, real, old-style love.

Our Dreams & Future

Just like every family, we sit on our porch at sunset and talk about all the places we would love to visit in the world. We have our wish lists, and yes, of course the first 10 places are surf destinations 😉 But Mitu, who has actually never been on a holiday (without some work involved) in his entire life, actually dreams about going on holiday to Norway, or somewhere else just as cold, where he can watch the kids playing in the snow for the first time. One thing is for sure, little by little, we will tick all those destinations!

But for the moment, let’s focus on welcoming our soon-to-be-born son … MALAKAI !

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