Where to kitesurf in October?

Come October, and everybody faces the same question, ‘where to go in October?’ If you want to enjoy your holidays in the warm waters, go through our following list of October surf destinations. In addition to enjoying the beaches of these places, you will also have a gala time in these best places for kitesurfing.



Guincho Beach, which is at 35 min drive from Lisbon city and is one of the most stunning kitespots worldwide where riders can make some beautiful memories enhancing their skills. As a perfect autumn kite spot, the location offers ideal conditions for experienced riders, however, due to the strong winds, the beach can be a challenge for the beginners. It is suggested that before starting kitesurfing here, you should look for weather forecasts.



Interesting history, rich culture, and disciplined life, all this makes Japan one the best place to vacation in October. Not only as a travel destination, but Ishigaki in Japan is also one of of the best place to kitesurf in October. With its flat waters, the place is a good autumn kite spot for people looking to enjoy kitesurfing in Japan. If you have a question about ‘where is good to holiday in October’, you can easily pick Japan. The country is popular not only for its kitesurfing experience but is also a place where you can have a rich cultural experience.


Cape Verde

The Sal and Boa Vista islands of Cape Verde are the best places for kitesurfing. The autumn kite spots are calm places to holidays to go in October. Due to its regular winds and perfect weather conditions, it is the best place to kitesurf in October. Not only kitesurfing, but you can also do various other activities in Cape Verde, like, strolling through small fishing towns, hiking, or simply soaking the beauty of the beach. All this makes Cape Verde the best place to vacation in October in the world.



Penghu island is one of the top picks when you are faced with the question – where to go in October? Although you will hardly find any riders on the beach, the islands with its clean, unspoiled beaches and extremely predictable wind make it one of the best places for kitesurfing all over the world. As one of the ideal October kitesurfing locations, the place can experience the winds reaching their strongest peak. These winds blow constantly, which can be a challenging situation for a beginner rider, therefore, this October surf destination is ideal only for intermediate or experienced surfers.



If you have still not decided where to go in October, you should just pack your bags and travel to Spain, which has much more to offer than the sun. The country is full of places for kitesurfing, with Tarifa, with its sandy beach being one of the most popular kitespots worldwide. The place is full of nice restaurants and has a great vibe, which means there are plenty of things to do even when the wind conditions are not perfect. The place is extremely popular with adventure lovers, and you can find people of all ages having a good time here.



Hatteras, an island in the US experiences many windy days, which makes it one of the best kitesurfing spot in October. The place has numerous locations for flat water, which makes the destination an ideal choice among the various October kitesurfing locations. Launching the kite can be a little difficult, but you can do it in waist-deep water. Other than being the best kitesurf spot, especially for beginners, the place has a lot to offer to people wanting to have American holidays to go in October.



Australia is one the best place to kitesurf in October. The country is full of the best places for kitesurfing, which will give you a huge adrenaline rush. St Kilda Beach in Melbourne is one of the very popular October surf destinations, which is always buzzing with tourists from all over the world. White beaches and flat waters make this place the best kitesurf spot, where one can even learn from the various Kitesurfing schools present on the beach. Even if you happen to be there on a windless day, you can still explore around and find a variety of flora and fauna, which makes it the best destination for holidays to go in October.


The Cayman Islands 

If you are looking for gorgeous kitespots worldwide, then although somewhat remote, West Bay is for sure one of the best place to kitesurf in October if you are someone who does not mind huge groups of tourists. The islands get consistent winds starting from October, which makes the place an ideal kite spot for kite surfers. If someone who is not interested in kites accompanies you, then also they can have a gala time, as they will be mesmerised by the beauty of the place.

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